Our Past Work

These are the areas we used to provide support in:

  • Planning and running action calls / social media storms
  • Social media campaigning
  • Creating informative toolkits on Coda 
  • Reaching out to relevant individuals and organizations
  • Writing press releases and contacting journalists
  • Publishing relevant blog articles 
  • Researching relevant subtopics
  • Translating campaign material into other languages
  • Any other digital action or feature specific to your campaign

With our global focus, FFFD’s archives of past work is the best place to learn about global climate justice issues.

FFFD 2.0 (2020-2022) We were an international youth-led digital movement of Fridays For Future helping local groups run digital campaigns to increase accessibility and impact in the climate movement 

Mission: We helped local groups make the most awesome digital campaigns by giving support in our areas of expertise 

Our objectives were

  1. Make the movement more accessible and inclusive 
  2. Bring new people into the movement 
  3. Raise awareness of climate justice and science 
  4. Put pressure on institutions to create change

Essentially we were a centralized campaign mercenary general activist account: working and posting on various campaigns. Every week/month we partnered with local groups and ran a digital campaign with infographics and digital actions.

FFFD 1.0 (2019-2020) Stand in solidarity with Fridays For Future and get passive people involved in the movement with big weekly digital strikes. It was performative solidarity with no endurance and more awareness than action.

Blog Articles 

From 2020-2022, FFFD ran a Medium blog writing articles about the themes of the digital campaigns we ran, as well as commentary on digital activism. We interviewed frontline activists involved with our campaigns. The blog is currently on a hiatus but will return soon in 2023 as part of our digital climate resource hub project. We will be publishing articles on digital organizing, activism, and strategy, and interviewing people across the movement on digital advocacy.


From 2020-2022, we ran a podcast on multiple platforms, interviewing experts and activists across the movements on various climate and activism related topics. We did many episodes interviewing frontline activists involved in the local fights we were digitally campaigning for. We did regular semi-weekly climate news podcast segments, called Climate Update.

Voice of the Youth is a podcast created by Fridays For Future Digital aimed at going beyond the movement and taking a deeper look into the lives of the people of FFF.

Defend the Defenders Campaign

Global climate strikes

Escazu Ya



  • Brief summary History of FFFD + campaigns 
    • Founding 
    • give brief histories of our campaigns with a link to the campaigns page

Our work and impact (embed social media posts) put rough month time stamps

  • Pre-covid
  • PO actions 
  • DTD
  • Smaller campaigns (junk terror bill, natural disasters, myanmar, 30×30, peace upon yemen, omnibus, latam on fire) 
  • Climate justice is racial justice (save okavango delta, africa is not a dumpster, saving tuvalu)
  • Global climate strikes (fight every crisis, fight climate injustice, no more empty promises, fight for 1.5, no more empty summits) 
  • FFFD 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0  FFF Digital One Pager (external) 
  • Our impact (link presentations) 

and then the campaigns page can have more in depth details