The People of FFFD: alumni

We want to highlight past team members who are now FFFD alumni, for their incredible contributions to the team and continued climate activism.

George, Jett, Aishwarya, Ayshka, Joel, Alli, Grace, Becky, Lili, Emma Greenwood, Emiliana, Leila, Cameron, Elleonora, Mitzi, Heather, Vidwansh, Mohab, Chenyao, Jules, Emily, Jessi, Lorena, Amelia, Fatizou, Adriana, Snehal, Merle, Phoebe, Randoll, Kit, Emma, Kay, Sofia, Sofia, Vhon, Sriram, Amy, Ava, Llorenc, Natasha,

George Zhang (he/him) USA

co-founder, collage coordinator, campaign and team coordinator

Aishwarya Puttur (she/her) Canada

collages, organization, tik tok, and campaign coordinator

Ayshka Najib (she/her) UAE

podcast coordinator

Jett Zhang (she/her) USA

co-founder, outreach and digital actions coordinator, structure and vision builder

Joel Lev-Tov (they/them) USA

co-founder, press WG coordinator, onboarding WG coordinator, structure and vision builder

Emiliana Rickenmann (she/her) Colombia

linguistics coordinator and one of the organizers for the Escazú Ya campaign.  

I am a Colombian activist, mainly focused on climate justice with a gender perspective. Today I am the cofounder of Latinas For Climate, where we fight for climate justice with a gender and regional perspective

I joined FFFD during the pandemic because I wanted to keep fighting even though it wasn’t physically possible and to find more ways to do activism and besides that I found an amazing community, friends that showed me that I wasn’t alone in this fight, and that taught me so many things that have made me the activist and person I am today, and I’ll be forever grateful for this platform!

Jessi Kitchen (He/All) UK

Campaign assistant, research coordinator, writer

I joined FFFD because I wanted to help fight climate change and knew I would be less effective alone, but I had no access to local organisations – FFFD provided me  with a way into the climate movement that I would otherwise never have had. Within FFFD I’ve written articles, assisted campaigns, and coordinated our Research department… and made a lot of great friends along the way.

Grace Yang (she/her) USA

accessibility + inclusivity WG coordinator, structure project coordinator, campaign team member for ratify paris and save okavango delta

Phoebe L. Hanson (she/her) UK

Social media and research WG member

FFFD taught me the comms skills that I used to get my first job in climate advocacy, introducing me to the sector alongside giving me the most wonderful friends I could ask for. I learned the theory of climate justice, case studies from other organisers, and key hard comms skills that have transformed my potential to have an impact.

Raksita Rajagopal (she/her) India

support WG coordinator, JEDI and organization WG member

I joined FFFD to become a part of the world’s best organization 🙂 and to make a change. I work in JEDI, support and organization!

Karis Mcintyre (she/her) UK

social media and TikTok content creator

I joined FFFD to continue activism in a social environment. I loved FFFD because it provides a beautiful online community which is and was so helpful, especially during lockdown. I am currently just working with Teach the Future UK to work to get our bill, which I co-wrote at 14, through parliament.

Brooke Westbury (she/her) Canada

JEDI and onboarding WG member

Many people are suffering from climate change all over the world, and in my own town. I feel an urgency to help & to make other people aware that climate change affects them. I joined FFFD in the summer of 2020, where I started working in JEDI helping out with mental health projects. I worked with JEDI and onboarding.