About Us

Fridays For Future Digital (FFFD) is an offshoot of the international and youth-led Fridays For Future (FFF) movement. Being able to strike in person is a privilege, not only since the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Challenging political circumstances or personal reasons pose an obstacle for many activists all over the world, especially for Most Affected People and Areas (MAPA). 

This situation is what sparked the birth of FFFD. With the objective of making climate strikes more accessible, Iris Zhan and George Zhang began digital strikes in April 2019, which became a global movement when the pandemic hit in early 2020.  

Now, FFFD does not only focus on digital strikes, but has done other initiatives as well and helped support FFF local group campaigns. FFFD works on providing a digital platform, particularly for BIPOC and MAPA activists, through social media, a blog site, a podcast, and more. In the case of insufficient media attention, our goal is to highlight voices, experiences, and projects relating to climate and environmental activism. 

We additionally worked with working groups connected to FFF International by supporting the global days of action through organizing tweetstorms and other digital actions. 

Find out about our current and past campaigns here. We invite you to join us from all over the world!


We are a youth-led global climate justice organization building capacity, strengthening local communities, bridging gaps, and fostering unity in the climate movement through good knowledge management of digital organizing. 


Through managing a digital resource hub for the climate movement, we connect and train the movement so that every (local) climate group and activist in the world has the resources and support to effectively organize for change digitally


  1. Empower local communities across the world through sharing knowledge on digital advocacy, particularly to those with least access
  2. Improve accessibility and inclusivity in the climate movement 
  3. Promote participation in accessible and inclusive digital climate advocacy 
  4. Unify the climate movement 

Our target demographics:

  • local Fridays For Future and other aligned and adjacent youth-led local climate activism groups 
  • Groups who particularly have a lack of access to digital organizing knowledge 
  • Youth looking for hopeful stories on digital climate activism

Core values

1. Democratic leadership, youth voice, and passion

We cultivate the power of the youth voice turning rage and anxiety into positive change. Everyone regardless of experience is called on to be a leader. We lead by example with commitment, passion, and determination. We believe in democratic organizing that is transparent and non-hierarchical. 

2. Solidarity and accessibility 

We have a duty to raise our voice and are called to leadership because we cannot stay silent on climate and social injustice. climate justice = social justice = climate justice. We believe in challenging the status quo and taking on the responsibility to demand a better world. We believe in action that understands the social justice intersectionalities of the climate crisis. 

We are committed to standing in solidarity with the most vulnerable sectors fighting against injustice, and fighting for a safe world to thrive, present and future. Justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility guides the work we do. We understand the importance of uplifting BIPOC, MAPA, youth, and marginalized voices. Promoting accessibility in the climate movement is a huge tenant of what we do. 

3. Community, love, and growth

We believe caring and growing community is essential for impactful activism. We are a strong community of friends who take care of each other and a safe and healthy place to create change. We support a culture of love, care, growth, and mutual support. Together we defy expectations, and inspire different communities to continuously learn together. 

We are flexible, open minded, accepting and curious. We are kind, fair, empathetic, and respectful. We lead with integrity, authenticity, honesty. We support healthy ambition that protects our mental health from burnout. Rest is resistance. 

our affiliation with Fridays For Future

  1. FFF is in our name for name recognition. We help FFF local groups but NOT just FFF local groups. We are here to help all youth led grassroots climate justice groups
  2. People who want to work directly with FFF have an easy way to do so through us. We are still a means for people who want to get involved with FFF but can’t do physical actions
  3. We won’t be doing weekly Friday actions like we used to for the time being until we gain more capacity. We might do weekly resource/knowledge sharings that might be on Fridays but aligning with that part of FFF isn’t our priority. Feel free to tag us in your digital strikes but don’t expect big collage posts for a while. 
  4. Since we are not doing direct digital campaigning, our engagement with global climate strikes will be minimal, until we have more capacity. We always stand and support the demands.

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